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  • Check yourself

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    Posted on 18 June 2015

    ‘Cancer’ and ‘good news’ don’t usually live together in the same sentence. But they can, says media personality and testicular cancer survivor Mark Pilgrim… if you get yourself checked in time.

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  • Dealing with treatment


    Posted on 21 January 2015

    Mark Pilgrim talks about how to deal with treatment and how your loved ones can support you through this tough time.

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  • Testicular cancer


    Posted on 25 November 2014

    Testicular cancer is most common in men between the age of 15 and 39. The good news is it’s highly curable and can be treated effectively, especially if found early.

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  • ‘My heart attack left me with permanent heart damage’

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    Posted on 12 November 2014

    It’s been six years since a heart attack stopped radio DJ and entrepreneur Mark Pilgrim in his tracks. But this go-getter is not letting it affect day-to-day life and is knee-deep in new adventures – just the way he likes it!

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