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Simple steps to healthy feet

High heels, flat soles, pointy toes… Those new shoes look great on you, but are they also damaging your feet? A Mediclinic podiatrist separates the facts from the fiction.


Testicular cancer: facts & fiction

Between the Movember messaging, yellow wristbands and old wives’ tales, there’s a lot of information doing the rounds about testicular cancer. Not all of it is accurate, though. We spoke to a Mediclinic urologist to separate the facts from fiction.


We answer your FAQs about shingles

Shingles is a viral infection that results in a painful rash. We put your answers some frequently asked questions to Dr Lawrence Archer, a GP and supporting doctor at Mediclinic Newcastle.


9 Tips to deal with menopause

Menopause usually starts when you’re in your early 50s. Fortunately, if you follow these easy steps, you can ease the symptoms.